New Pendant Designs

We're excited to bring you two new Personalised Pendant designs...including one for Men!!
The Genesis and The Ingot.
As always our Pendants are designed to hold a precious keepsake inside forever.
So with Christmas coming up you might want to write a note to your man telling him how much he means to you or put your child's footprint or drawing (sized down) inside his Ingot! 
Both Pendants can also hold sand or soil from a special place, a petal or leaf from a special tree or the Ashes or handwriting of a Loved One (taken from an old birthday card).
There are times in life when you want to give a gift which is really special. Which shows someone how much they mean to you.
It is easy to spend money on a gift but will that gift be remembered in a few years time? A LOVE IN A JEWEL Pendant has real love inside. It’s hard to explain in words how much they mean to people...but they are important. They are good.
It’s the love inside which makes them so special.
We look forward to making your Pendant with love