Our Story

We met, fell in love and together we have created

It has come from a place in our hearts.

How it came about...

When I lost my beautiful mum,  I asked Joachim to make me a special pendant which would keep her memory close... 
and LOVE IN A JEWEL® naturally happened from there.

We started to imagine jewellery which not only looked beautiful on the outside but could hold personalised love on the inside
- to be treasured forever.

While I was looking at a ring which had belonged to mum, I realised how priceless it was to me 
and how, truly precious jewellery, is not about the size of the stones or the latest modern design,
it’s about the love which is connected with it.
That is the jewellery which is most precious in life. 

LOVE IN A JEWEL® Pendants have been designed to be timeless - jewellery which can be worn in five or fifty years time.

We are really proud of our signature collection of Pendants which we designed to hold a special note or keepsake inside forever...it is fine jewellery with real heart. 
It is the personal love inside which makes the jewellery so precious.

Whether that is a heartfelt note of love, 
a baby's fingerprint or lock of hair, or the handwriting or ashes of a Loved One who has passed away... 
What these necklaces hold is something special...
it's hard to define in words...but it's important. It's good.

It feels good to make something we have created from our hearts, which we really believe in.
Something which will not only bring happiness and comfort to people but also jewellery which is a celebration of love.
A beautiful way to show those we love, how special they are to us.

So, together we look forward to playing a small part in helping people cherish, share
and 'Show the Love' with our unique LOVE IN A JEWEL® Pendant Collection.

 Made with integrity, for you to give (or to own), with Love.

From us, Joachim and Tracy van Oostrum


We also specialise in Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings made to suit your personal style and tailored to suit your budget. Using only ethically sourced diamonds and centuries old Goldsmithing techniques our Master Jeweller creates exquisite and unique jewellery of distinction.


Our Pendant Collection is a fitting tribute to the most beautiful person and mum ever, Colleen Thompson neé Murtagh.






Dear Customers

We hope you are doing okay! If you have a Pendant or Cufflink order with us we want you to know your note or other precious keepsake is secured and safe. If you have a jewellery item with us this is also secured safely during the lockdown period. Please look after yourself and your Loved Ones ♡ Joachim and Tracy van Oostrum