Welcome Gentlemen to LOVE IN A JEWEL...

You are already on the way to giving your Loved One
the most special and meaningful gift of her life! 

Below are a few simple tips to get you started...

What is a LOVE IN A JEWEL?

A LOVE IN A JEWEL is unique in that it is fine jewellery which has been designed with a special compartment
which can hold a personal handwritten note written from you or hold a special momento.
This is then sealed forever.

What do you put inside a LOVE IN A JEWEL?

A personal handwritten note with heartfelt words
For example..."You're everything I need", "Love you always"
Write whatever is in your heart but remember the piece of paper is small!

Sand, soil or flower from a special place

For example: Sand from the beach where you asked your Loved One to marry you,
soil from the spot you were married, flower from the land where you live, sand from your favourite beach...
wherever is a special and meaningful place for you both.

Lock of hair

For example: A tiny lock of hair from your baby's first hair cut or from a much loved pet.

Baby's Finger Print

For example: Tiny finger print with 'Love you Mummy xx' written next to it.

Other tiny precious momento

For example: A tiny shell you found together, Ashes of a Loved One or much loved pet.

How do you order?

Simply select the design you like, purchase via our website checkout, send us your precious momento.
We will then courier your beautiful LOVE IN A JEWEL back to you.
Gift Vouchers are also available if you are having trouble deciding on which pendant to choose.

This really is a gift which 'Shows the Love'.

What you will receive...

Your stunning LOVE IN A JEWEL will arrive beautifully packaged and ready to give.
You will also receive a photograph of the precious momento (which is taken prior to the pendant being sealed forever)
both outside the pendant and then tucked inside the pendant...so you can show your Loved One the contents within.

This is a truly special and thoughtful gift.

A gift which has real meaning, effort and love behind it and we know it will be adored by your Loved One
because this collection is not only beautiful on the outside but also beautiful on the inside...because there is love captured within.