Gift ideas for the morning of your wedding

March 18, 2022

Gift ideas for the morning of your wedding

Weddings are steeped in customs. From the tradition of ‘something borrowed, something blue and something new’, to newer trends like first looks, it's all about incorporating what speaks to your relationship and one-of-a-kind celebration. An increasingly popular trend are day-of gift exchanges - a thoughtful gesture between the bride and groom, their respective bridal parties or parents. From when to do it to what to gift, below we breakdown everything you need to know about the modern tradition with sentiment at its heart.

What is a day-of gift exchange?

The big day is the perfect time to surprise your significant other with a special gift to let them know you’re thinking of them. As well as a chance to bond, it also does wonders for relieving that wedding day adrenalin. Typically, a gift exchange takes place before you walk down the aisle, often independently during dressing to offer a quiet moment of reflection. However, after the ceremony, away from your guests, is also the perfect time to exchange—just the two of you—as a married couple. The best part about weddings of this generation, is there are no rules when it comes to your big day. Whatever you decide works for you, consider asking your photographer to be present to capture your reactions.

After your partner, your next nearest and dearest—and the most integral people in the lead up to the big day—are in your bridal party. They’ve stood by your side through thick and thin, and now they'll be supporting you as your squad on the big day! From celebrating your engagement to planning an unforgettable hens or stag do, they've been there every step of the way. You and your bridal party have a special bond that will only grow stronger as you share life’s milestones—like your wedding day. A personalised gift on the day of your wedding is a thoughtful token of your appreciation. When it comes to presents for your party, a considered gift is guaranteed to make them feel special. Jewellery or cufflinks will not only impress, but they’re also a great practical gift to be cherished long after the big day. Not to mention, when they are personalised with a note inside forever it’s next-level special.

There’s nothing like a wedding—and the wedding planning process—to bring two families together. When you and your partner’s parents have been an integral part of the lead-up to the big day (in fact, since day one), a thank-you gift is the perfect way to show your love and appreciation. Thoughtfulness through a sweet sentiment will go a long way, and keepsake jewellery or cufflinks ticks both those boxes!

Picking the perfect day-of gift

While your wedding guests have a whole registry to choose from, a wedding day gift exchange with your husband or wife-to-be is an opportunity to get truly personal. A day-of gift should be something you want them to have forever, like jewellery of cufflinks, which can hold a sentimental keepsake or handwritten note inside forever!

Below, we round-up five thoughtful ideas for wedding day gift exchanges… 

The Full Heart Keepsake Pendant

The perfect expression of your love, mark the next chapter of your story with The Full Heart Keepsake Pendant. Promising to light up any room, the entire face of the heart is handset with 26 brilliant cut diamonds. To elevate the precious day-of gift even more, enclose your hand penned note inside, then reveal the polaroids to your wife when you have your first moment alone - a truly meaningful and romantic gift.

The Keepsake Cufflinks

Perfect for the groom or groomsmen, The Keepsake Cufflinks are a truly timeless keepsake. For the groom, write a promise to your husband-to-be or excerpt from your vows. For the groomsmen, consider recounting a special memory of your friendship. The note or keepsake is placed inside the cufflinks and then sealed on professionally by our Master Jeweller. Choose plain cufflinks or, for extra personalisation, feature his initials on the front with a solid gold emblem.

The Circle of Love Keepsake Pendant

Representing infinity, no piece is more befitting to capture your “I do” moment than The Circle of Love Keepsake Pendant. The beautifully uncomplicated pendant features sleek curves and contours. As with all our pieces, this design also has a compartment to hold a sentimental keepsake or note. A line from the lyrics of your first dance song or thoughts straight from the heart would fit perfectly inside the Circle of Love.

The Keepsake Ingot

Take advantage of the Keepsake Ingot’s larger compartment size and pen a poignant handwritten letter for your husband-to-be, or get creative with a keepsake from a special place, like sand from your favourite beach. Classic and timeless, customise the Ingot further with a wax or silver chain.

The Amavi Pendant

With its classic lines and delicate size, the sophisticated and subtle Amavi Pendant is a popular bridal party gift. Latin for, ‘I have loved’ ‘I love’, the understated pendant is sure to show your gratitude to your “I do” crew. Enclose a heartfelt thank-you note inside and gift to your closest on the eve of your nuptials or make each one personal with a memory of your friendship to be gifted individually the morning of.

Like your love, the possibilities within our Keepsake Collection are never-ending. Whether it’s for your soon-to-be spouse or maid of honour, each design promises to make your day-of gift exchange truly memorable. One caveat though? A happy tear or two may be shed…

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