Personalised Golden Pendants Collection

Our unique Keepsake Jewellery is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside, due to the personal love which is held inside forever.
The perfect gift when you want to show how much you love someone 

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All of our Keepsake Jewellery has a special compartment which can hold...

 A Handwritten 
 Lock of Hair or Child's Writing/Drawing
 Baby's Fingerprint or Footprint
Sand, Soil or Petal from a special place
 Ashes of a Loved One or much Loved Pet
 Other precious keepsake

Your note or keepsake is placed inside the jewellery with care, a photograph is taken showing it sitting inside the jewellery then the lid is sealed on forever.
You receive polaroid photos with the jewellery showing the note or keepsake held within.

Young blond lady wearing a tear drop golden pendant

Available in Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold or Sterling Silver. 
Married Couple Posing With A Love In A Jewel Box



* Bride or Bridesmaid Gift * New Baby Gift  * Anniversary Gift  * Milestone Birthday Gift  * Graduation Gift  * Safe Travels Gift (instead of a St Christopher)
* Mother's Day Gift  * Friendship Gift  * Bereavement  * Christmas or Valentines Gift

Gold Pendant Collection On A Love In A Jewel Box



Perfect for so many special occasions in life when you want a gift which is truly heartfelt. We have made Pendants holding beautiful handwritten notes from the groom to the bride, from daughters to mothers, grandparents to grandchildren.
It really is special, powerful and beautiful way to show love.
Also a beautiful way to hold love close when you lose a Loved One
as your jewellery can hold their handwriting, hair or ashes inside forever

All Pendant comes with at least two polaroids...
♡ 1st Polaroid shows the note or keepsake beside the Pendant    ♡ 2nd Polaroid shows the note or keepsake inside the Pendant
* If you write on both sides of the note paper you will receive 3 polaroids
Pictured above right are polaroids showing a note which went into The Love Drop (Silver) with a crystal



The signature 
LOVE IN A JEWEL® Personalised Pendant Collection 
was created and designed in Christchurch, New Zealand by Joachim and Tracy van Oostrum in 2016.
With the idea of being a truly heartfelt gift of love and a beautiful way for people to hold love close. 

Their unique Pendant Collection was a finalist in the
International Jewellery Design Awards - Sydney 2017.

Do you know about our unique Keepsake Jewellery?

Holds a special note or keepsake inside forever ♡

From $199 - Buy now, pay later available

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